• Cable Glands

    Cable glands are Electrical Accessories used for fixing power, control and instrumentation cables to electrical apparatus, junction boxes, power or control panels, machineries or equipments.

    Power, control and instrumentation cables come in different specification and to suite various application. The cables come in single core or multi core, sheathed or unsheathed, armored or unarmored. The current and voltage ratings vary from a few milli amps to thousands of amps & milli volts to ten thousands of volts. It is imperative that these cables are properly connected. Cable should be securely fastened to the electrical apparatus, junction boxes, power or control panels, machineries or equipments. Cables and Equipments have to be properly earthed as well

    A cable gland secures the cable to the equipment or panel body. The cable passes through the cable gland which is fitted onto the equipment or panel body. When tightened the cable gland tightly secures the cable within it.

    The front portion of Cable gland is fitted onto the equipment or panel body. The cable is first spliced and then passed through Cable gland. The inner cores are passed through the gland to the equipment, while the gland holds the outer insulation. In case of an armored cable, the armor is locked by the gland. Certain type of Cable glands come with gaskets which ensures weather protection.

    Cable glands are designed in such a way that cable termination as well as removal for repair or maintenance is very easy. Glanding is not a permanent fixing; the cable gland can be loosened to release the cable for repair or maintenance.

    A Cable gland is usually made of non ferrous material such as Brass, Aluminum or Stainless Steel. Cable glands can be Nickel plated for avoiding oxidation and lasting performance. Cable glands are produced in casting foundries.

    Usually sand casting technology is employed in Cable gland manufacturing. For each gland, patterns or dies have to be developed. The patterns and dies are developed for each type & size of gland. Patterns are designed and developed by qualified professionals so that accuracy is maintained.

    The raw material, Brass or Stainless Steel is melted in a furnace to a predetermined temperature and composition. Meanwhile, impressions are made in heated sand using the patterns. The molten metal is then poured into the impressions made in sand. The casting once solidified, is machined using turning machines, assembled to complete the Cable gland.

    Exar produces a large variety Cable glands to meet most application. Exar produces glands for each size and type of cables. Cable glands for armored, un armored, flexible cables are produced of highest quality, accuracy and performance. Exar uses the state of the art technology and best quality equipments to produce the Cable glands. We are equipped with the most modern foundry and machine room which helps us design and develop Cable glands with precision for all application.