• Earthing Equipments & Lightning Protection

    Earthing & Lightning Protection Materials are used to protect a building or facility from the devastating effect of lightening, electrical short circuits, leakage currents & the after effects.

    A lightning strike carries with it, electric potential in thousands of volts, which could destroy any structure & people within. If not grounded properly, the massive surge of electric power will damage the building, costly equipments within and people. Earthing & Lightning Protection Materials, which are made of high quality copper and copper alloys acts, when installed on the building as carriers of this high potential to the ground. Lightning Arresters are installed on the top of a building, in combination with down conductors, clips and earthing system. This provides a least resistant path for the electric energy to flow to ground, where earthing system takes it to deep within. In addition to grounding the lightening energy, the electrical short circuits and leakage currents are also earthed or grounded using these equipments.

    Earth is a universal condenser, which can consume any amount of electrical energy. This concept is behind the emergence of Earthing & Lightning Protection Materials.

    Lightening Arrestors are made of high conductivity copper and installed in combination with base. Down conductors made of copper connects the lightening arrester with earthing system. Earthing system consists of Earth rods which are driven into the ground and connected to the earthing system. Various clamps and fittings come as accessories to join each equipments and structures to the earthing system.

    Earthing & Lightning Protection Materials are usually made of non ferrous material such as Brass, Gunmetal. The Earthing & Lightning Protection Materials are produced in casting foundries.

    Usually sand casting technology is employed to produce the Earthing & Lightening Protection accessories. For each product and for each size, patterns or dies have to be developed. Patterns are designed and developed by qualified professionals so that accuracy is maintained.

    The raw material, Brass or Gunmetal is melted in a furnace to a predetermined temperature and composition. Meanwhile, impressions are made in heated sand using the patterns. The molten metal is then poured into the impressions made in sand. The casting once solidified, is machined using turning, grinding & blasting machines, assembled to complete the product.

    Exar produces the complete range of Earthing & Lightening Protection Materials. Exar materials meet each application and standards. Exar uses the state of the art technology and best quality equipments to produce the Earthing & Lightening Protection Materials. our delivered products have defect-free finish and are widely used in various industries. The products offered by Exar are designed & developed in line with globally accepted standards and are exposed to the most stringent application criteria.